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A whistleblower program is an important tool for Correios to audit corporate resources use and monitor public governance practices. Correios thus encourages the use thereof in a responsible manner.

Whistleblowers will be allowed to report complaints about:

• Frauds;

• Corruption;

• Administrative impropriety;

• Civil and administrative liability of companies for crimes against Public Administration, according to Law 12.846/2013;

• Moral and sexual harassment;

• Discrimination/prejudicial treatment;

• Official misconduct;

• Ethical non-compliance; and

• Other irregularities.

Ícone dúvidaWhat is mean by irregularities?

Any unlawful act or malpractice supposedly committed that engage the liability of Correios and/or its subsidiaries, as well as its controlled, sponsored and funded companies.

Ícone Internet How to report a complaint?

Whistleblowers may identify themselves or remain anonymous. In the latter case, complaints will be dealt with as if they were irregularity reports. For the sake of anonymousness, the Office of the Ombudsman will not notify whistleblowers about its conclusion.

Only complaints taking into account basic standards that might safely identify irregularities or else any evidences conducive to them will be acknowledged. The Office of the Ombudsman will refer them to the responsible investigating body for them to be dealt accordingly.

A third person, other than the concerned person himself, will be allowed to raise a complaint by simply reporting the names of the victims and aggressors.

The following communication channels are available to report a complaint:

Ícone Internet Internet

Use this form to file a complaint. Your computer’s IP address will in no way be identified.

Ícone Carta Letter

Whistleblowers may report a complaint by sending a letter to the following address:

Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos
Setor Bancário Norte, Quadra 01, Bloco A, 8º andar, ala norte
CEP 70002-900 – Brasília/DF – Brazil