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Cultural Space of Juiz de Fora

Espaço Cultural Correios (ECC) is located in Juiz de Fora city trade center, on the ground floor of Correios headquarters, at rua Marechal Deodoro, 470. This building, declared municipal heritage was built in  1935 and preserves Manchester Mineira golden times.  

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ECC inauguration has happened on May 16, 2007 – Juiz de Fora anniversary month – and is consecrated as a gift to the city that enjoys arts and culture. The space integrates an art, history and cultural circuit, formed by several institutions, among which Mariano Procópio museum – first museum in Minas Gerais – with one of the largest collection in Brazil, and Murilo Mendes Modern Art museum, with the largest modern art collection in the state.  

ECC counts on a 270 m² conditioned area dedicated to culture and arts divulgation, with adequate infrastructure and safety to receive visitors. The space has a Cultural Collection equipped with trainel (sliding system to organize and keep museums objects and documents) to store works. The program, in visual arts segment, is diversified, and each exhibition lasts around 45 days, usually.  

The building external left side, which provides access to Correios central agency in Juiz de Fora and to Correios Cultural Space holds Renato Stehling Cultural Corridor, created by Correios with support from Antônio Parreiras Fine Arts Association. The partnership, result of a concession contract, has made it possible for 8 Juiz de Fora plastic artists to create a new cultural space in the city.  By attracting visitors, Correios democratize the city and state knowledge and historical identities.  

With an increasingly need of locations to exhibit their work, artists have seen in Correios a perfect space that gathers credibility and acknowledgement.

Check Espaço Cultural Correios de Juiz de Fora floor plan

Visits: Correios Cultural Space receives visitors from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5:30 pm, with free admission.
Location: Rua Marechal Deodoro, 470, ground floor - Centro - Juiz de Fora/MG – Zip code: 36002-900
Contacts: (32) 3690-5715 / 3690-5713 / 3211-9660