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Cultural Center of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Cultural Center is located at Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20, downtown. It integrates the Cultural Corridor, neighbor to Casa França Brasil, and Banco do Brasil Cultural Center.  

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The house was inaugurated in 1922. Its façade architectural lines, in eclectic style, characterize the building from the beginning of 20th century, built to host a Brazilian Lloyd school. But that did not happen, and the building was used, for over 50 years, as Correios administrative and operation units.   During the 80s, the property was shut down for reforms and was re-opened in June 2nd, 1992, partially restored, to receive "Exposição Ecológica 92", an event that integrated the United Nations Conference on Environment - RIO 92.

The official inauguration of Centro Cultural Correios took place the following year, in August, with World Philatelic Exhibition – Brazil  93. Since then, the Centro Cultural Correios has promoted events in several areas, like theater, video, music, plastic arts, movies, and other activities to promote Rio de Janeiro people integration with different artistic expressions.

Its facilities, appropriate to host a diversified program, occupy the whole 3,480m2 of the building area. Centro Cultural Correios Rio de Janeiro comprises three floors interconnected by an elevator, also from the beginning of 20th century, with a panoramic view of the whole internal ambient.  

The ground floor holds the 320 m² Theatre with capacity for 200 people.

Also on the ground floor, there is an Art Gallery for small exhibitions.   And on the second and third floors there are ten show rooms, with infrastructure and adequate lighting to large size events.

At the back of the Art Gallery is JK Agency, which offers mail and convenience services, open from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon to 7 pm.  

Centro Cultural Correios has also a bistro open during events.

Praça dos Correios – an outdoor area with around 1.3 thousand m², sheet of water and support for a music bowl, and capacity for a large number of people in outdoor events.

Centro Cultural Correios receives annually an average of 400 thousand visitors and promotes around 50 events, with diversified theater, music, dance, movies and video attractions, in addition to exhibitions of several types of art.

Check Centro Cultural Correios, Rio de Janeiro floor plan

Visits: Centro Cultural Correios
Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20 - Centro
Corredor Cultural
20010-976 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Telephone: 0XX 21 2253-1580
Fax: 0XX 21 2253-1545
E-mail: centroculturalrj@correios.com.br

Hours: Centro Cultural Correios receives visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, noon to 7 pm.
Free admission.