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Rio 2016

Logistics Solutions

Correios is proud to be the Official Logistics Operator for the Olympic and Paralympic 2016 Rio Games.

Widely experienced in large scale logistics operations, Correios is now logistically accounting for the world’s biggest sporting event.

Managing all the supply chain solutions in an integrated manner, Correios will provide logistics services at venues, through its warehousing facilities and its strong delivery network that routes every kind of shipments, from documents to heavy cargo.

Logistics Service Desks

Correios will provide a complete logistic solution, from the collection in several places in Rio de Janeiro to the delivery and security inspection procedures, besides other logistics services.

Transport Solutions

Warehousing Solutions

Special Services

International Solutions

How to buy

Correios’ logistics services shall be ordered at Logistics Service Desks located in the Olympic Park, the International Broadcasting Center - IBC, the Olympic Village and Windsor Barra Hotel. Additionally, they can be called by contacting our representatives who will be at your disposition at all competition venues.

Send an e-mail for or call directly to +55 21 2503-8513 an talk to one of our logistics consultants

Rate card

Download here the our Rate Card and get access to logistics services offered during the games.

Watch the video and know how to contact Correios for logistic operations during the event.