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While [as they say in Brazil] "advertising is the soul of a business", distribution is the soul of advertising.

This popular saying is wise. Using Direct Mail to advertise its products, services and brand, a company makes it possible for clients to get to know its performance better, meeting thus the most diverse expectations and demands. However, to achieve this goal, it takes more than well-prepared Direct Mail. You need an efficient distribution system that makes the material arrive at the right location and to the right person.

Presence all over Brazil
In this sense, the presence of Correios in all municipalities in the country, with the largest distribution network and logistics in Brazil, jointly with the training and credibility of our postmen, enable us to offer the best existing distribution operation and a set of solutions bringing you and your customers closer together, no matter where they are.

Tailored solutions for your every need
If you need to send and distribute Direct Mail see our shipping solutions. For information on how to properly address your objects or how to deal with entries in your database, see the addressing solutions we offer.

Customer Relationship solutions:
- Reply Parcel Envelope