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Thematic envelope

Envelope Recommended by Correios – RPC, the product displays drawings and ilustrations of different themes. It can be pre-paid or not. Adequate for sending of correspondences, documents and papers.

Service availability: in all national territory

Who can use it: - Natural and juridical persons without contract; - Juridical persons with contract.

Characteristics: Presentation: Separate. 

Material: Paper. 

Color: Different colors, according to model. 

Models: - Legal cap (11.4 x 22.9 cm). - Intermediate – Bag type I (23.0 x 16.0 cm). - Large – Bag type II (35.5 x 25.0 cm).

Why use this service?

- Postage of correspondences in differentiated envelope; 
- Displays appropriate fields for correct addressing; 
- Facilitates postage operations, forwarding and delivery of correspondence.

Correios post offices

Use for postage:
National: It can be used in Social letter, Non-commercial letter, Commercial letter, Normal printed matters and SEDEX

International: It can be used in postage of  economic documents, priority documents and express documents

- Where to post: In all Correios  post offices  or collection box.

How much:See the product price (link to http://www.correios.com.br/precosPrazos/precosPrazosNacionais/embalagens.cfm).

How to pay:

  • Cash;
  • Credit card;
  • Debit card;
  • Checks from the same city and by the person interested, order check to ECT or to Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company).  Learn about check payment conditions, via  Link: http://www.correios.com.br/precosPrazos/pagamentoCheque.cfm)
  • Entry in holder account (available only to Correios distance sales post office)
    • To be invoiced : Monthly invoice only for juridical person clients, upon contract to be signed in each state Commercial Management.