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SPE – Electronic Postage System

The Electronic Postage System - SPE is a tool designed to offer convenience and agility in preparation and postage of national and international telegrams and letters via Internet.

Service availability: Countrywide and worldwide

Who can use it: - Natural persons; - Juridical persons with and without contract.

Why use this product?

- Convenience, quickness, practicalness, economy, message personalization, safety and secrecy. – Possibility of creating addressees lists, importing addresses directly from your data bank, make multiple shipments of one same message and manage all postages by means of reports. – Insertion of images in heading and footnotes of your messages (letters or telegrams) and sending of letters via internet with safety FEBRABAN  slip payments along with the text. – Option of additional services for telegram (Confirmation of request and telegram copy) and for Letter (Return Receipt).                   – Pre-dated telegrams.

Request contact with one of our commercial representatives or get in touch directly with your region  Sales Management.

Juridical person (Payment to be invoiced) 
After contract signature with ECT, you will receive it via email, login and password. 
In www.telegrama.com.br you download SPE Office, recording the service icon in  your desktop. 
You access SPE office from the icon installed in your desktop, click on tools, then in configurations, connectivity, select the type of payment ‘Contract’ and completes ‘Client Code’ field with the number of the postage card,  "login and password" and then click on  Search New Configurations. 
From now on, you can prepare and send your telegrams and letters via   SPE.

Natural and Juridical Persons (Payment at sight): For you, natural or juridical person who wishes to use SPE Office, but cannot or doesn’t want to sign a contract with ECT, Correios have made available the SPE with payment modality exclusively via credit card.

In order to obtain SPE you have to register your CADASTER in Correios website. After registration, you will receive a password in your email address with orientation to DOWNLOAD the application.

You access the SPE office from the icon installed in your desktop, click on tools, then and configurations, connectivity, completes the ‘Registration Key’ field as described in the email received and then clicks on ‘Search New Configurations’. 

See prices of telegrams and letters.

How much: SPE application is free. You only pay for telegrams and/or letters sent via internet.

How to pay: - TO BE INVOICED (Only for clients with contract with ECT for Telegram and Letter service internet

- AT SIGHT (Credit card VISA, Mastercard and Diners).

TermsFor terms of letter via internet; For telegrams terms.

Tracking; - CEP search;

In  www.telegrama.com.br you can find more information on SPE. In this website the most frequent questions (FAQ) related to the application can be found. In addition to that, in the area destined to downloads, the client will find manuals and information on the application, as well as links to downloads.

Doubts, information and support for SIGEP WEB use, call 3003-0888, Monday to Friday,  from 8 am to 6 pm.

ATTENTION: This service is not offered by franchisee post offices.