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SIGEP WEB – Correios Postage Manager

SIGEP WEB is a system intended to prepare and manage Correios clients postages. Its main technical features are: easiness and quickness in portage preparation and management of information on posted objects.

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: Juridical persons with contract with Correios for the following qualified services: SEDEX, PAC parcel and Registered. * In case your company or public agency makes postages of qualified objects, however without contract, and is interested in using SIGEP WEB, contact the nearest Correios Commercial Management to proceed to contract signature.  

How it works: Technology 
Application developed in JAVA platform that allows interaction with other Correios and Client systems. 

- 800 MHz processor or above; - 128 MB of RAM. We recommend  512 MB or above; - Video card with 32 MB memory and 16 million colors; - Colored monitor with minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels; - Minimum of 150 MB of free space in hard disk;  - Operational systems: Microsoft Windows 98/2000/Me/XP/Vista/7 or Linux; 

Why use this product?

- Reductionin postage preparation costs, due to process rationalization; - Economy in resources and paper, considering our environmental commitment; - More speed in treatment of objects trusted to Correios; - Knowledge of object registration number before the cargo is forwarded; 
- Management of posted cargo information; - Tracking per periods, allowing release of large posted cargo, among others; - Addressees bank and other information shared with as many users as necessary;    - Issue of reports with information per period, faster and more practical management; 
- Possibility of using several postage cards in system within the same contract. 
New facilities 
- Installation and updating for free via internet; - online validation of contract data and postage card; - More dynamic and autonomous system; - Collection of registration labels via internet; 
- Optimized list of shipment with more objects per page; - More detailed objects tracking screens; - Technical support via Correios Service Central helpdesk. 
- Online CEP (zip code) consultation; - Standardized addressing; - Possibility of addressee bank importation; - Operates in shared network to data bank; - Exportation of reports and information. 

If your company makes postages of qualified objects (registered, SEDEX, etc) in large volumes, SIGEP WEB may be the right tool to facilitate your preparation works. Contact a Commercial Management.

Supply of software to client is made without charges, and occurs upon Access to www.corporativo.correios.com.br environment, and with possible follow-up by your region Correios commercial area contact.

How much
The use of system is free. If your company already uses SIGEP, migrate to SIGEP WEB and optimize your logistics. Ir your company have not downloaded the application yet, make haste. 

You only pay for parcels or documents posted according to your contract with ECT. 

Click here to consult delivery terms for parcels and documents posted in SIGEP WEB 

Access SIGEP WEB hotsite.
Doubts, information and support for SIGEP WEB use, call 3003-0888, Monday to Friday,  from 8 am to 6 pm.