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SEDEX Mundi Document

Express international service for shipment of documents with priority in treatment, forwarding superior to EMS and warranty of delivery term.

Who can use: Juridical persons: payment in cash or to be invoiced.  Natural persons: payment in cash. 


Delivery: Delivery foreseen terms: Vary according to country of destination. 


Devolution: - Devolution will only occur when requested by sender at the moment of postage;
- In case of unpredicted situations or situations that make delivery difficult, the Active Attendance Service will make contacts with sender in order to obtain complementary information that make delivery possible.

- SEDEX Mundi postage

*1) In case object delivery delay is due to operational process failure, the object sender shall formalize complaint through Contact us in order to be indemnified in values paid at postage.  
2) These values will not be refunded when delay is due to force majore reason (snow storm, war, accident etc.).

Home collection: The client, natural or juridical person, can use home collection service for his/her objects. For such, he/she shall access  Collection call and identify whether the origin locality is covered by the service.  

Why use this service?

- Warranty of terms fulfilment (money back guarantee*); - Competitive prices paid in Reais; - Automatic registration;
- Complete tracking; - Automatic insurance in case of object deviation; - Distribution at addressee address; 
- Free devolution of object to sender; - Active attendance service, carried out by Service Central which will act accordingly to obtain complementary information to make possible the delivery in situations that justify the contact, and avoiding occurrence of devolution of object to sender;

In appropriate and franchisee  Correios post offices, accredited for the service (cash or to be invoiced).

For juridical persons, contracts can be made at each state commercial managements.

Prices and terms

Check here prices and terms.

Before ordering Sedex Mundi Document service, check the following requirements: - Completion and printing, via internet, of postage form (AWB); - Adequate pack and packing; - Weight and dimension limits defined for the service; - Acceptance for intended destination;
- Restriction of content, upon consultation to prohibitions and restrictions, specific to the service.

Prohibitions and Restrictions list

Specific conditions: - Restrictions and acceptance conditions specific to the country of destination shall be respected;
- ZIP of destination is mandatory for coded countries.

Weight limit: 30 kg.

Dimensions: Envelope: - Minimum: 9 cm x 14 cm; 

Package and box: - Minimum: 9 cm x 14 cm; - Maximum: 150 cm (length + height + thickness). The largest dimension  (length or height or thickness  = 105 cm maximum).

Roll: - Minimum: 10 cm (length); Length plus two times diameter = 17 cm minimum. - Maximum: 200 cm (length). Length plus two times diameter = 105 cm maximum.

Packing: Every SEDEX Mundi Document shall be packed and closed by sender in pack that resists to content weight, shape and nature, as well as to transportation conditions. The pack may be acquired in Correios, in other suppliers or fabricated by the client himself, provided that it satisfies recommended conditions:  envelopes, boxes, packages and rolls made out of paper, plastic, polystyrene, wood or metal, wrapped in flat and resistant paper.

To learn more.

- NCM reference – Where to post;- Destinations covered;- Sedex Mundi tracking;


Commercial invoice: Commercial Invoice is a document issued by exporter in appropriate form. This document represents the commercial operation and aims to formalize the good transfer to buyer, and must include the main characteristics of the sale: exporter and importer data, good description, price, sale conditions, payment conditions, etc.   

Pro forma invoice: Pro Forma invoice is a sale proposal in which the exporter presents quotation and sale conditions of his/her product to importer.  After having been accepted, Pro Forma gains status of a purchase and sales agreement.  In shipment through Correios of commercial samples without commercial value, it is recommended the inclusion of a Pro Forma invoice.

- Commercial contact and - SEDEX Mundi postage –International services conditions term