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Postal bank – INSS benefit (social security)

You who are retired or INSS pensioner may opt for receiving your payment via Postal Bank in partnership with Banco do Brasil. You may choose to open a Plus Account (Conta Mais) at Postal bank and request the transfer of your benefit, and thus you will be able to use all benefits that it propitiates (loan, credit card and other advantages).

Service availability: In all national territory, at Correios post offices that operate as Postal bank.

Why use this service?

Wide service network In addition to over six thousand Correios post offices, you can also count on over five thousand Banco do Brasil agencies anda round 43 thousand cash dispensers.

Longer service hours against bank agencies Correios post offices generally open at 9 am and close in different hours, depending on the locality.   

More information: In order to obtain more information, go to one o four Postal bank agencies.