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Postage meter

Digital equipment employed for generation of printed image for postal object franking.

Who can use it: Juridical persons.

Specificities: Advantages:
- Remote connection for reception of credit; - Printed image digital printing system with ink-jet device; - With or without automatic feeder.

Why use this service?

- Automatization of correspondence franking process; 
- Prints barcode and is bidimensional; - Allow printing of advertising. –2%, 4% and 6% discounts against correspondence postage tariff to Authorized Clients, according to the amount of cargo acquired.

By means of rent, directly from suppliers authorized by ECT to commercialize Postage Meters with third parties.

Homologated Digital Postage Meters
Model DM300c Model DM400c Model Connect+ 1000 
Model Connect+ 3000 

Prices and Terms

Directly with Supplier.

Only and exclusive use for correspondence franking.


Procedures for Postage Meter rent
Requisition for use

Steps to be followed for request, authorization and installation of Digital Postage Meter:
ACF/AGF (Accredited/Franchisee Correios Post office) - Authorized Clients – Term for Authorized Client
AGF Term; - ACF Term.

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