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Phone card - IDT

Sales in Rio Grande do Sul Correios post offices in form of IDT BRASIL pre-paid phone cards consignation. Used to make DDD and DDI call from all landline phones, including call boxes, to any other phone, including cell phones.

Service availability:

- Rio Grande do Sul.

Telephone operator companies interested in commercialization of their phone cards by Correios shall contact their state commercial management.

Why use this product?

- It can be used in any landline phone;  - It can be acquired in any Correios regional post offices.

Change of IDT cards: Cards can be changed in the following situations:- Presentation of ticket proving purchase in Correios;           - Defective cards can be changed by another card with same credit face value; in case of lack of card, the value paid will be refunded;      -  change will take place along with completion of electronic form with the following information: Client name, TIN or ID number and changed card data.   
 - Make available clients service, in business hours, in order to attend eventual complaints by consumers as to defects and/or other reasons, related to cards acquired at Correios post offices.