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Phone card – EMBRATEL

Sales service in all Correios post offices, in form of EMBRATEL pre-paid phone cards consignation, used to make DDD and DDI call from all landline phones, including call boxes, to any other phone, including cell phones.

Product availability: in all national territory

Why use this service?

- It can be used in any landline phone  - since it is included in attended localities; - It can be acquired in any Correios post offices.

Where to buy: In all Correios post offices.

Telephone operator companies interested in commercialization of their phone cards by Correios shall contact their state commercial management.

Prices – Check prices here.

Change of Embratel cards: Cards can be changed in the following situations:- Presentation of tickedt proving purchase in Correios;         - Guide the client about the first thing to do in case of card defect., which is to call Embratel 10321. Change in post office will only take place as last resource, since the problem can be solved by  call center; - The change will take place along with completion of electronic form with the following information: Client name, phone and address. In “observações” (observations) field, enter the card number, lot and sequence, FR and post office”.