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PAC – Economic Parcel

Economic line parcel service for exclusive shipment of goods.

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: - Natural and juridical persons without contract; 
- Juridical persons with contract.

How it works:
Basic services: - Home delivery
- Automatic registration; - Automatic indemnification.

Delivery location:
Residence, in business days, from Monday to Friday, or internal delivery (P.O. BoxOrdered Posta Restante  and Fallen Posta Restante).

Three delivery attempts will be made; the first on the same day of arrival of the object at the distribution unit. Second and third delivery attempts will be carried out on the next business days. 

Indemnification for delivery delay: Devolution of  30% of value paid upon object postage. Values of additional services eventually acquired will not be refunded.

Parcels collection:
 The programmed collection service is offered to clients with contract in locality with population superior to 200,000 inhabitants and will be made on days and hours previously scheduled.  
The non-programmed collection service  - Collection call, is offered in  service coverage localities and will bem ade upon client request in Correios website or at  Client service central – CAC.

Why use this service?
- Delivery at the address indicated by sender in all Brazilian municipalities; - Allows tracking since postage until delivey; - Up to 3 (three) delivery attempts;
- Admits objects postage grouped by invoice; - Possibility of home collection (only juridical persons with contract).

Where to post: Client without contract: at any Correios post office; Client with contract: at Correios unit associated to the contract or via  Collection call service.

- Postage limit hours for forwarding on the same day and fulfilment of delivery foreseen terms vary according to each agency location. These hours shall be confirmed at the unit, at the moment of postage. 
- For shipments carried out after the post office limit hours – DH (After Hours), 1 business day will be added to delivery term. – The client with contract can post his/her parcels in individualized form or grouped per invoice (more than one object per postage). 
Client without contract can only post individualized parcels.  

How much: Postage value varies according to weight, dimensions and object origin and destination localities, plus value of eventually acquired optional, additional or complementary products. 

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How to pay: Payment conditions at Correios post offices:

- Cash – Credit card – Debit card

- Correios postage card (available only for juridical persons upon contract) – Checks from the same city and by the interested person, order check to ECT or to Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company).  Learn conditions for check payment.

Delivery term: Varies according to objects origin and destination localities. PAC parcel offers home delivery, on business days, from Monday to Friday, in all Brazilian municipalities.  

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Some exceptional situations may change PAC parcel delivery foreseen term, among them: 
- Force majeure reasons (floods, fires etc.); - Retention of postal object by state tax office for verification; - Retention of postal object by judicial authorities; - Incomplete or incorrect addressee addressing; - Difficulty of access to the locality (irregular or low frequency transportation); - Difficulty of access to address indicated by sender.

Devolution The parcel will remain available to sender for 20 days, in case of addressing to P.O. Box, Ordered Posta Restante or Fallen Posta restante.

Guard terms: In case of non-delivery, after the 3rd attempt, the parcel will go to Posta restante of post office nearest to addressee address, where it will remain for 7 days. After this period, it will be immediately returned to sender.

At destination The parcel will stay available to pick up by addressee for 7 days when addressed as Ordered Posta Restante or in case of Fallen Posta Restante. 
In case of addressing to P. O. Box, the parcel will remain available at the post office for 30 days.

Storage tax: This tax will be charged only at sender devolution and since the 8th day of guard. In case exemption term expires on non-business day, it will be delayed to the following business day.  Check storage tax value (link to http://www.correios.com.br/precosPrazos/precosPrazosNacionais/servicosAdicionaisPostais.cfm)

For postages in Manaus free trade zone and in international border municipalities,  parcels must be presented open to meet Federal Revenue and security agencies determinations. 

Invoice or Content Discrimination Form shall be packed in transparent plastic sticker envelope and preferably fixed on pack outside. 

Brazilian tax legislation requires that every good transported between federation units and/or between municipalities shall present corresponding fiscal documentation.  

Responsibility for possible infractions due to lack of inclusion of tax documentation on parcel is exclusively the client’s. 

Restrictions: Check which contents Correios  do not ship.
Check dimensions and wights limits.

Observations: Delivery in buildings is made at the entrance, except in case of object with Mão Própria (Own hand) optional service.

Only for clients with contract will be allowed postage of PAC parcel packed in bubble envelope or other envelope made out of material resistant to impact, as long as its content is composed to small size and weight goods such as: DVD, CD, electronic boards or similar.

Packing: Every PAC parcel shall be packed and closed by sender, in pack that resists to content weight, shape and nature, as well as to transportation conditions. The pack may be acquired in Correios, in other suppliers or fabricated by the client himself, provided that it satisfies recommended conditions:  envelopes, boxes, packages and rolls made out of paper, plastic, polystyrene, wood or metal, wrapped in flat and resistant paper.

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