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International Telegram

Urgent and confidential message, electronicallytransmitted to delivery location.

Service availability: Worldwide

Who can use it: - Natural persons – without contract; 
- Juridical persons – with or without contract.

How it works:

Delivery: Delivery terms: See  our delivery terms

Why use this service?

- Delivery in all Brazilian municipalities; - Urgent object treatment; - Convenience in transmission; - Agility in message delivery; - No limit for text size; -

- At any Correios post offices;- In Correios portal;
- By telephone at Correios Clients Service Central

How much:See international telegram price

Delivery terms: For international telegram, delivery is subject to hours and terms as established in the country of destination.
See our delivery terms

Correios do not accept telegrams:  - Anonymous (without sender data);  - Injurious, threatening, offensive to moral, against public order or with recognized false news. 

The telegram cannot be cancelled, for its transmission is instataneous.  In case the client insists, He/she shall have to send another paid telegram, asking the addressee to disregard the previous telegram.  

Additional services: Telegram copy.- Electronic Postage System - SPE