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International Reply-Letter and Card

Service that allows clients from a contracting company to send orders or information to it under the form of letter of card, without need to frank it. Franking will be made by contracting company and indicated in appropriate field.

Service availability:

Worldwide (list of countries participating in aggreement is available in  each state Commercial Management).

Who can use it: Juridical persons, upon contract.

Characteristics: Modalities: Reply letter
Specific envelope, prepared by client, that can be inserted in catalogues or in other printed advertising materials, for shipment of orders and information, withour cost.

Reply-card: Card or coupon that may be inserted in catalogues or in other printed advertising  materials, to send orders and/or information without cost;

Delivery: Estimated delivery term is the same as for priority documents.

Why use this service?

 - Time-saving in postage.  – Simplicity in objects franking. – When there is tariff readjustment, there is no need to frank again. – Possibility of printing commercial messages, non-personalized, and promotional sentences on packs obverse or back.

The service is acquired upon contract, with payment at sight or to be invoiced. 
Contracts can be made in  each state commercial managements.

Postage: Postages shall be made in Correios unit linked to contract.

Price: Reply-Letter: price defined for commercial letter.
Reply-card: price corresponding to commercial letter first postage.

Term: Delivery estimated term is the same as for prioritary documents.

Weight limit: Reply-letter: 50 g. Reply-card: 20 g.

Guidance: Additional services are not accepted.

Packing: As established in contract.