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International Reply Coupon

It is an international postal value bond issued by Universal Postal Union (UPU) and sold by Brazilian mail. You buy the coupons in Brazil and exchange them for one or more postal stamps in the country mail. Abroad, each international reply coupon is worth in stamps the equivalent to the price of one international simple letter (1st postage) to any country worlwide, without additional cost. Other mails worldwide also sell the international reply coupon, which can be exchanged by stamps in Brazil.

Service availability: Worldwide

Who can use it: For purchase in Brazil, natural persons (payment in cash) and juridical persons (payment in cash or to be invoiced).


Where to change international reply coupon:
The reply coupon bought abroad can be exchanged in any Correios post offices in Brazil.  
The reply coupon bought in Brazil can only be exchanged in post offices of other countries.

Exchange value: In Brazil, the international reply coupon can be exchanged in the following way:- For stamps, at the first postage value of a simple priority document, to any destination; - For an international aerogram;- For commemorative stamps (Philately). In this case, the coupon base exchange value must be observed.

Why use this product?

- A more practical way to buy stamps abroad: it can be exchanged in any Universal Postal Union member country;
- Coupons bought in other countries’ post offices can be exchanged for stamps in Brazil.

At sight Check  list of post offices that comercialize international reply coupon or buy it via Correios virtual store.

To be invoiced (juridical person) upon contract. Contracts can be made in each state commercial management.

Prices: Check reply coupon price.

Other terms

Exchange terms: Expiration date (printed on coupon) must be observed.

Required information

The international reply coupon can be presented, for exchange in Brazil, in other languages.  Examples: - French: Coupon Réponse International.- English: International Reply Coupon.- Spanich: Cupón Respuesta Internacional.

Coupons bought in Brazil can only be exchanged abroad and vice versa.

The buyer can be guided no to scratch, wrinkle or fold the coupon, otherwise it may lose validity.

Exchange conditions: - It cannot be scratched, wrinkled or folded. – It must contain, in appropriate field, the original country seal.