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Franking seals

System by which the client can obtain Franking Seals images for services rendered foreseen in contract. Access Franking seals download system.

How it works:

Through Franking Seals download system  the client can obtain Franking Seals images, in CDr (Corel Draw), version 7, foreseen for rendered services upon contract.

In each Seal the following fixed data are indicated: service name and Correios brand. The symbol represents the object delivery speed, foreseen to the service contracted.  

For printing of seals on envelopes/wrappers, the final artwork displayed in file shall be used, with indication only of variable data: contract number, subscription year, ECT Regional Directorship where contract was originated and name or acronym of your company.

In case of doubts, please consult ECT Sales area in your state in Commercial Contacts