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Electronic money order - International

Correios service for international financial transfers; fast, economic and safe, that facilitates the sending of money from senders in Brazil to foreign countries or the receipt of money from abroad to Brazil.

Service availability: Worldwide

Who can use it: - Natural persons (Brazilian and foreigner)  
- Juridical person

How it works:

Required documents for sending or receiving

Natural person - TIN – Identity card or work and social security card or driver’s licence.  

Obs.: In case of foreign person, present only passport (TIN or ID are not required).

Juridical person – CNPJ (corporate taxpayer’s registry) – Representative natural person mandatory documents.

Delivery: Delivery term – Terms estimated in five or 15 business days, varying according to Country of destination

Why use this service?

- Money transfer performed by electronic means; 
- Easy to use, fast, safe and cheap; - There is no tariff charge upon reception; - Observes BACEN and COAF legal norms; - Social purpose, according to social inclusion policies (Government and UPU); - In Brazil, available in almost 7,500 accredited agencies.; - Promotes economic development with revenue transfer to distant localities.

To send or receive money, go to one of our accredited agencies to perform the service.

ATTENTION:  This service is only rendered by Correios post offices and contract-post offices.

Prices: See service price.

Terms: Delivery term – Terms estimated in five or 15 business days, according to Country of destination

Other terms

Attention: Terms informed refer to estimated period of time for availability of remittances in their respective countries of destination. Effective payment of remittance to beneficiary is subject to each country Postal Administration specific procedures, and may occur at once or take some extra time.   

Maximum withdrawal term Remittance has expiration date until the last useful day of the month folowing the postage date.  
At validity expiration, the remittance is automatically returned to its emitter. 

Term for payment of returned remittances The returned remittance will remain available to sender for 5 years, distributed as follows:
a. 30 days: at the agency responsible for sending; 
b. After 30 days, the sender shall go to the agency and request the payment of remittance returned and wait for new return notification to withdraw the money.

Countries with convenant and their values limits for sending and receiving: Varies according to bilateral agreement signed between Brazil and the country of destination.

Purpose of sending and receiving: The identification of purpose is indispensable both to send and to receive international remittances, observing rules defined in Exchange Market and International Capital Regulation (RMCCI).

Cancellation of remittances: Go, within abroad expiration date, to the agency where the remittance was sent and request its cancellation, that is, its devolution.   
Values devolution term obeys to each country formalities, and may not be performed immediately.

Addressing of remittances: Inform sender and addressee name, according to identity document and their complete addresses.

In case of doubts, suggestions, praises or complaints related to Electronic International Money Order,  contact Correios.