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Easy Export

Correios solution to commercial needs of companies and natural persons who want to export their products.

Service availability: Postage: see where to post
Delivery: see delivery list

Who can use it: Physical and juridical persons upon: - Full completion of all fields in Postage Form - CP72/AWB, in particular the fields destined to Commercial Exportation data; - Insertion of Invoice and Commercial Invoice in plastic envelope attached to package.

Characteristics: Shipment modalities
SEDEX Mundi- For exporter who needs maximum priority in delivery; - Warranted term, defined according to origin and destination; - Complete tracking; - Free pack.
EMS – Express Good - For exporter who needs priority in delivery; - Possibility of tracking.
Light international - For exporter who seeks balance between price and term.
Economic good - For exporter who seeks the lowest price.  

Type of shipment – Good for resale; - Good sold to final consumer; - Sample; - Gift.
Exchange coverage*
Sales – With exchange coverage.
Shipping of samples and gifts - Without exchange coverage (samples and gifts).
*Exchange coverage is a value payable to natural or juridical person resident in the country due to exportation operation.

Delivery: Delivery location at domicilie or postal unit, depending on the country of destination.

Prices and terms vary according to weight, shipment modality and country of destination.  

See prices and terms for your object delivery

Why use this service?

- Eliminates bureaucracy, high costs and transportation difficulties;     - Exporter only needs to complete a form to forward his/her object to a foreign country; - Distribution network in over 215 countries.

Easy Export is available in Correios post offices network.

Prices and terms vary according to weight, shipment modality and country of destination. See prices and terms for your object delivery

Correios do not transport dangerous substances, as defined in IATA classification. Check  List of general prohibitions;

- Check  each country specific restriction;
- Compliance with legal dispositions issued by Brazilian foreign trade regulatory agencies;
- Weight limit: Maximum 30kg, varying according to chosen modality and country of destination;
- Value limit: There is no value limit. Correios issue DSE (Simplified exportation declaration) with maximum value of US$50,000,00, varying according to conditions and country of destination;
- Dimensions: Package and box – according to shipment modality. To learn maximum dimensions per product and destination, please check  service page.

- Completion of Exportation Simplified Declaration (DSE) is mandatory in the following conditions:
- When international shipment value exceeds 1,000 dollars or
- When international shipment is characterized as commercial (sale) exportation object, whatever is its value.

- Prices and terms calculator;  - Track&Trace; - Post offices; - Prohibitions and Restrictions; - NCM consultation (Mercosul common nomenclature);    - Currency quotation; - FAQ;  
- Countries card index.- Postage form (AWB) – Proforma invoice;           - Commercial invoice


Minimum required documentation: For any destination: Bill of lading (Postage form - CP72/AWB).
Invoice and Commercial invoice.

Examples of other documents that may be required according to customs-house of destination requirements: Certificate of origin, Exportation licence (some European Union EU countries), Visa Têxtil (textile) (seal).
Certificates of origin
According to region of destination or specific purpose: 
- Mercosul (Southern Common Market); - ALADI (Latin America Integration Association); - GSP (Generalized System of Preferences); 
- GGSP (Generalized Global System of Preferences).
Who issues certificates  
- MERCOSUL- Commerce, industry and agriculture federations; 
- ALADI - Commerce, industry and agriculture federations; 
- GGSP – Industry federations; 
- GSP – Banco do Brasil; 
- Exportation licence - Banco do Brasil; 
- Visa Têxtil (textile) - Banco do Brasil.