e-DNE, is a data bank containing over 900 thousand CEPs (zip codes) countrywide, comprising addressing elements (description of public ways, districts, municipalities, small towns, villages) and Postal Addressing Codes – CEP. It is Correios official and exclusive base, therefore, the information is reliable and updated. The purchase takes place in few minutes via Internet, in Correios virtual store. By acquiring the e-DNE the client will be provided with the Complete Base and updatings occurred in the last 365 days. Attention The e-DNE: - Is not a program or software. There is no need of complementary software and its development is the client’s responsibility; - It is only supplied via download, there is no physical delivery; - It does not contain geoprocessing data.

Service availability: Countrywide and worldwide

Who can use it: Target Public
Juridical persons and self-employed professionals.


Modalities: 1. BASIC  e-DNE
Destined to any juridical person or self-employed professional who,  as final user (personal use), work with the following applications: 
     - Validation, sanitization and duplicate check of addresses cadaster registrations; - Datamining; - Geomarketing;  - Call centers and/or telemarketing; - Access to internet or intranet; - Customer Relationship Management (CRM); 
- Collection of addresses; - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). 
Files format: text (.txt).  e-DNE MASTER
Designed to any juridical person or self-employed professional who: 
a) As Final  User (personal use) works with above described appoications (Basic e-DNE); and 
b) As Intermediate User works with the following applications: - Development of software for address treatment and commercialization in corporate market; - Rendering of sanitization services of addresses catalogues (oneshot or online); - Publishing of addresses guides, telephone books and similar. 

Files format: text (.txt) and MS-Access (.mdb).

e-DNE files format
Depends on the chosen modality, that is: - Basic e-DNE: files in text format (.txt); - Master e-DNE: files in format MS-Access (.mdb) and text (.txt),

How it works:

e-DNE content (Basic and Master)
- Official names of streets in all capitals of the country and in over 320 cities above 50 thousand inhabitants; - CEPs (zip codes) of cities in general (cities which do not have specific zip code per public venue); - Zip codes (CEPs) of Community P.O. Box; - Zip codes (CEPs) of public venues units; - Zip codes (CEPs) of Districts and Villages; 
- Zip codes (CEPs)  of Postal Units; - IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics)  municipality code; 
- Zip codes (CEPs)  of Large Users.

e-DNE data updating frequency
Monthly, according to schedule below: 

Schedule e-DNE - 2013


Publishing date

Data updated until


































By acquiring the e-DNE (Basic or Master), the client will receive the Complete Base and updatings occurred in the last 365 days.   
Immediately after the 365 days period after the acquisition of e-DNE base, in order to keep the Addressing Data Bank updated, it is necessary to buy the Renewal according to acquired modality, which can be: 
a) Quarter renewal – receiving of all e-DNE data base updating occurred in the last 90 days; or 
b) Annual renewal – receiving of all e-DNE data base updating occurred in the last 365 days. 
The noncompliance with the above dispositions may cause lack of consistency in data bank, and the solution will be the purchase of a new e-DNE base. 
OBS: Updatings are sequential and not cummulative. 

Why use this product?

The correct use of addressing data ensures more efficiency in your communications distribution: 
a. Reduction of costs with objects returns (printinf and postage);        b. Speed in cadasters and customer service; 
c. Recurring use of zip code (CEP) by market as part of solution and intelligence in sales, customer loyalty achievement, marketing actions, pricing, delivery, mapping, and corporate systems processes, which means improvements in internal processes and addresses management;                                                                                         d. Increase in expected return in marketing actions. 

The commercialization of this product is carried out exclusively by Correios Virtual Store,  www.correiosonline.com.br, through bank payment slip, credit card and postage card (clients with contract). 

Important: For acquisition through “Contract-Postage Card” payment, previously contact one of our commercial representatives

How much 
Price is defined according to chosen modality contained in List of Prices in Force

Term for e-DNE availability
After confirmation of e-DNE payment, Correios Online sends a link via email for the client to download.  
e-DNE is not taxed for being part of  postal monopoly, as defined in the 1988 Federal Constitution. The “Customer Voucher” document, made available by Correios, relative to the purchase will be forwarded to customer via simple correspondence in stamped and sealed envelope to the registered address.

There are legal restrictions regarding the use, by licensed person, of DNE base or brand, which are legally patented. The rules of use are established in the Declaration of Commitment according to modality chosen by client.

- Before purchasing, check whether the e-DNE base satisfies your needs. Learn layouts and models:
e-DNE Base model
e-DNE base updating file model
- Before beginning data importation routine, check “Layouts” file, which comprises their presentations formats.