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Direct Delivery Correios

Service of collection/postage, treatment, transportation and delivery of periodical publications edited by contracting parties at subscribers domicilie, in a standardized and customized way, supported by a management informatioin system via web. It is considered as periodical publications: - Magazines; - Guides, Telephone books, Yearbooks, Bulletins and Catalogues; - Targeted newspapers; - Promotional tabloids (notebooks/brochures containing promotional offers).

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: Juridical persons with contract.

Characteristics: Operation modalities: Operation "A":
- Clients with annual production above 3,6 million objects;
- Clients who, below this limit, request delivery in weekends (weekly information magazines); - High level of customization, due to nature of cargo to be posted;
- Specific price list, according to customization level;
- Correios partial exclusivity in distribution; - Forwarding via airway or surface, upon specific pricing; - Access to information on publications distribution,  via web; - For weekly publications, delivery takes place until 8 pm; - Contract exclusively linked to the Treatment Unit, due to peculiarities in service formatting and operationalization.

Operation "B":- Clients with annual production from 2 thousand to 3,6 million objects; - Offfered to marked in a standardized way;
- Forwarding of periodicals via surface, except for those destined to Amazonas state; - Correios total exclusivity in distribution; - Publications distribution only on business; - Access to information on publications distributions, via web; - Cargo delivery limit hour in Treatment Center is 12 noon;  - Tagging of publications is always made by Correios; - Contract linked both to Own Service network and outsourced.

How it works: Direct Delivery Correios service comprises:
- Reception of periodical by Correios in unit defined in contract; - Issue of mailing label and tagging of periodicals; - Treatment, transfer and delivery of copies at respective addresses; - Providing of information related to distribution process.


Delivery terms: • Operation “A”: Table of terms defined according to client customization; • Operation “B”: Term defined considering origin and destination.

Why use this service?

 Adaptation and flexibility of operation to client distribution type (Operation “A”); - Price inversely proportional to volume and distinct from delivery location; - Inexistence of billing monthly minimum quota; - Collection and direct dispatch from production location  (Operation  “A”); - Basic services rendering, accessories and customized accessories; - National coverage for publications distribution; - Previously defined delivery terms timetable;
- Publications delivery monitored via system and distribution status via Internet; - Delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays unitl 8 pm (Operation “A”); - CORREIOS brand association;
- Dedicated operational management; - Trained and qualified labor;
- Ssafety to clients (delivery by trained mailmen in standardized uniforms).

Promotional benefits: - Direct Delivery Correios service Client is exempt from minimum monthly billing quota in Direct Mail service – make promotional campaigns in order to enlarge subscribers number;
- For Correios corporate clients, supply, without charge, of National Directory of Addresses,  enabling sanitization of registers and higher rate of correct delivery.

This product can be contracted though  Simplified Multiple Contract. Contracts can be made at  Commercial managements in each state.

Tables for Operation “A” are confidential and exclusive, per client, without disclosure.
Tables for “Operation B” are standard tables, applied to all clients.

Prices for services execution are defined according to ranges of volumes to be posted, per contract, during one year.

Payment is monthly made, by means of invoice, obtained based on Electronic Postage Reports on postages made during the period of billing.   

Delivery terms: • Operation “A”: Terms table defined according to client customization; • Operation “B”: Terms defined considering origin and destination.

-  It is required, at least, 2,000 objects for each postage; 
- Allows the inclusion of free gifts and samples as long as conditions of the distribution process are observed and they are not in list of prohibitions