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CorreiosNet Shopping

Correios electronic commerce solution to virtual store hosting and safe execution of commercial transactions in Internet. Access http://www.correios.com.br/shopping

Service availability: in all national territory

Who can use it: Juridical persons with contract

Characteristics: Types of store: Hosting service: Correios virtual store hosting service destined to retailers who want to start operation at Internet. The Virtual  store allows different payment conditions, shopping cart, and delivery forms and unlimited amount of products;  

Linked: Visibility service in Correios portal for stores that already operate in virtual retail using other electronic commerce solutions, thus increasing store credibility, through association with Correios solid brand;

Cooperative: It is the same virtual stores hosting service destined to associations, cooperatives and SEBRAE Local Productions Arrangements that wish to start operations in Internet;

Why use this service?

- Association to Correios solid brand; - Visibility and presence in  Internet; - Correios portal receives over 40 million visits every month.  – It is possible, via any Internet connection, to assemble and administer you virtual store.  – Possibility of offering a new business environment to current clients. – Search tool for products and prices comparison; - Integration to ECT logistics;
- Services:      - e-SEDEX;      - SEDEX;      - PAC;      - Exporta Fácil (easy exportation);      - Automatic freight calculation;      -  on-line tracking;  - Reverse logistic; - Safe delivery in Brazil and foreign countries.

If you want to carry out prices and shopping searches in CorreiosNet Shopping,  access: www.correios.com.br/shopping

Attention! Adherence to CorreiosNet Shopping service is temporarily suspended due to market repositioning.

The following products are not accepted for commercialization in CorreiosNet Shopping:

- Narcotics and psychotropic substances, except in case or legally authorized shipping for medical or scientific purposes; - Object whose content threatens national security; - Ammunition; - Firearms; - Products or services related to pornography, pedophilia, drug traffic and illegal commerce; 
- Products or services that incite racial, religious, social/economic or any other form of discrimination; - Products or services that compete with those from Correios; - Cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, pipes or any other smoking product, derivative or not from tobacco. As to medications, CorreiosNet Shopping only allows commercialization of those which do not require medical prescription, and pharmaceutic inputs and correlated substances, including dietetic products which do not contain medicamental substances, and only if virtual stores are duly licensed by competent sanitary agency.