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Commemorative postage seal

A philatelic mark, with defined time of use, destined to divulge the work by relevant institutions and personalities, as well as to mark a happening, highlighting the reason, the legend, the brand, date and location of issue. The Commemorative postage seal is placed on a seal or on a postal seal mark.

Characteristics: - Matrix fabricated in metal; - Printed image (motif) and text (legend) printed on a 32 milimeters diameter circular basis; - The seal drawing can be presented in round, square, triangular shape, among others; - It must contain the following information: Correios, issue date or period, highlighted event legend, City and Federation Unit where the launching occurs, in addition to theme motif of client interest;
- The official corlor of seal mark is black.  

Themes: - Anniversaries, dates and happenings that are relevant to institutions; - Cultural, artistic, scientific, historic and religious events; - Ilustrious deceased personalities birthdays; - State, national or international conferences carried out in Brazil; - Important national or international industrial, commercial, agricultural, and technical-scientific exhibitions; - Regional national and international philatelic exhibitions; and – Governmental or non-governmental actions.

Other themes and motives are subject to analysis by Correios.

How it works: The person/institution interested shall contact the nearest Correios Regional Directorship Commercial and Sales Management and forward request for commemorative seal issue, 45 (fourty five) days before the seal launching date.

Final artwork/images: The seal image, whatever is its shape, shall be developed in a space limited by a 96 milimeter diameter circle, for reduction to piece real size, whose diameter is 32 milimeters.   

The circles, external and internal – where applicable – shall present thickness of 1.5 milimeters.

In drawings with reticule – background formed by lines, dots or other elements – this shall be wide open to avoid solid or bold parts in reduction that could cause stains and blots on stamped area. Mandatory elements:- Issue theme; - The word ‘Correios”; 
- The launching location (Municipality followed by Federation Unit – Example: Brasília-DF). In case the seal is launched in more than one city, final artworks related to each locality shall be produced;
- Date or period of launching.

Characteristics of legends letters: - Letters size variation shall be the least possible. – Letters cannot be very thick or very thin. – If it is not possible to avoid drawn letters (handwriting type), these shall present the same thickness.

Why use this product?

- Promotes institutions and events;- Documents history, important dates and happenings; - Personalizes correspondence stamping; - Possesses philatelic value, and can circulate on correspondence object in issue period, in addition to becoming object of desire to postal marks collectors;
- Registers the event at Correios National Museum, serving as bibliographic and iconographic research source;
- Launching in solemnity organized by the client, with possibility of event vehiculation in media and specialized publications.

How to request

The person/institution interested shall contact the nearest Correios Regional Directorship Commercial and Sales Management and forward request for commemorative stamp issue, 45 (fourty five) days before the stamp launching date.

Required information: Event justification, showing the celebration importance and location, date or period when seal will be requested.

How much

A commemorative seal acquisition value is 4,000 times the first Postage of Commercial Letter.

Reproduction value is 400 times the first Postage of Commercial Letter.

The commemorative seal shall not contain any legend or motif that may go against moral principles and governmental campaigns,  as reference, however subtle, to tabagism, abortion, fire arms use, drugs in general and other polemic issues.