Temporary extension on postal parcels delivery deadlines

March 31st 2021

Dear Customer, 

Given the aggravation of COVID-19 effects, which has resulted in the adoption of contingency measures by the authorities, affecting all the society, we inform that postal parcels delivery deadlines will be increased one (1) more day, in comparison to the ones generally offered. This is a temporary measure that will be reverted as soon as the scenario allows.   

The changes above are effective as of March 31st, 2021. All of the delivery deadlines  may be found at http://www2.correios.com.br/sistemas/precosPrazos/ on the Correios portal site, by using our Prices and Deadlines Calculator System – SCPP, or through our web service integration. 

We reassert our corporate commitment on transparency to society, acting seriously, as the moment expects, and abiding by all applicable safety rules for both our employees and customers.  


Business Directorate