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PAC shipment delivery in our retail postal outlets

August 29, 2020.

To our customer audience

 Due to the temporary impact of the work stoppage on our services, along with the hardships arisen out from the COVID-19 pandemic, Correios oreihave taken new exceptional measures.

We therefore inform that, in some locations and according to our operating capabilities, PAC shipments shall be bound for retail postal outlets for internal delivery to our customers.

In order to both avoid crowded places and queue lenghts, all measures intended for a safe internal picking up of all the shipments will be taken.  Only retail postal outlets with safe care customer facilities will be selected by us. Stored PAC items will be available for delivery to their recipients within 15 calendar days from them being received.

All shipments bound for internal delivery will be exempted from arrival notices: such items will instead be tracked by both their senders and recipients via the Correiosorreios website or the proper tracking software.  SMS messages will additionally be sent to their recipients, provided they inform their mobile phone number upon mailing of their shipment or via our webservice.

Our customer teams are available at any time for both further information and proper help.


The Business Directorate