Local delivery deadlines reduction and implementation/resumption of the SEDEX 12 service

Dear customer,

Correios has firmly pledged to take effective approaches geared towards gradually reducing delivery deadlines across its network:

i) On October 29, 2020, local SEDEX service delivery deadlines have been reduced to D+1 within several zip code prefix zones that include 53 important municipalities all over the country;

ii) On November 3, 2020, the SEDEX 12 service has been launched or resumed in 105 segments on the main commercial routes that have recently had their SEDEX delivery deadlines reduced to D+1. We remind everyone that the SEDEX 12 service is an express delivery service that delivers postal parcels until noon on the day following the mailing day.

iii) As of November 9, 2020, 199 more segments also have had their SEDEX delivery deadlines reduced to D+1 whereas 99 more segments have had them reduced to D+2.  So all in all 298 important commercial routes will be positively impacted by such measures, aside from those referred to above.

In the light of such institutive actions, we draw your attention to the timeframes mentioned in our Prices and Deadline Calculator System – SCPP at http://www2.correios.com.br/sistemas/precosPrazos/ on the portal site of Correios or through our web service integration.

We reinforce our commitment to the continuous implementation of such measures so as to even more optimize our delivery deadlines and enhance our quality standards, besides strictly abiding by all applicable employee and customer safety rules.