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Delivery Channels diversification – LOCKER Correios

Dear customer,

On October 27, Correios launched its first smart locker solution for parcels delivery by the postal service.

LOCKER Correios is a self service terminal offering one more option for your company and your clients to receive postal parcels in a safe and secure way without additional costs.

This new, easy-to-use device requires users to register with the access free authentication mechanism IdCorreios. Upon online purchase, the user must enter the locker´s zip code (for pickup purposes) and its CPF (TIN) number in the address complement field. The locker´s zip codes end always in 989 and are classified as an operational unit with exclusive postal delivery.

When a parcel is placed by a courier into the parcel locker, the recipient receives shortly afterwards an SMS along with the QR Code designed to open the unit. Parcel pickup must be effected within a 3-day timeframe and the recipient may also both monitor and track its parcel on the Correios website or use the Correios application software.

Parcel pickup is user-friendly too: the recipient must select the RETIRAR ENCOMENDA option on the locker´s dashboard and scan the QR Code or, if he so wishes, enter the code sent by SMS. Quite simple! A tray will open for picking up the parcel.

The first terminal is located at the Paranoá Regional Administration in Brasília/DF. By the end of 2020, more than 20 parcel lockers will be available in Brasília, São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro cities: they will be placed at such locations as railways and subways stations, supermarkets and malls, among others.

As with the Clique e Retire service, LOCKER Correios is one more delivery channel made available by Correios to provide greater ease, convenience and agility for its customers.  But beware: only parcels mailed at Correios´ post offices are intended for delivery to our parcel lockers.

For further information, please click on or contact your commercial representative.