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Sur Postal Express

Express service that uses specific envelope, pre-stamped, for registered shipment composed exclusively of documents, for shipments to the following countries: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile. It is considered as document any correspondence, message, text, information of personal or juridical nature without intrinsic commercial value, recorded in paper or magnetic, electromagnetic or optical means, except for computer programs (software). Examples: letters, magazines, newspapers, books. CD, cassette tape, video tape, DVD, besides other media used for communication are also considered documents, provided they are not characterized as commercial shipping.

Service availability:

Postage: Sur Postal Express can be posted at any Correios post office
Delivery: Localities in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia.

Who can use it: - Natural persons (cash) and juridical persons (cash or to be invoiced).

Delivery: Delivery location:  At home or at postal unit, depending of the country of destination.

Estimated delivery terms: Three to four business days.

Sur Postal Express will be automatically returned in case of non-delivery to addressee.

Why use this service?

- Maximum priority in treatment; - Indemnification in envelope value in case of deviation; - Sur Postal Express envelope is valid at any time, even when tariff adjustment occurs.

Postages: Carried out through Sur postal pre-stamped envelope sale, with single sale value, whatever is the country of destination. In all  Correios post offices.

Sur Postal Express cannot be deposited in Correios collection boxes.

Contracts: For juridical persons, contracts can be made at each state commercial areas.

Prices and terms

Check here prices and terms.

Weight limit: 250 g.

Dimensions: - Length: 35 cm; - Width: 25 cm.

Material: hard cardboard.

Every Sur Postal Express document shall be packed in specific envelope commercialized by Correios. 
Packs other than the service appropriate envelope will not be accepted.
Only envelope acquired in Brazil will be accepted, which can be identified by the printing, on the back, of Brazilian flag. To learn more, refer to Packing
Inclusion of sender and addressee telephone in addressing is important. 

Optional services and products: Programmed home collection for clients with contract.


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